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ICETROLL’s main aim is to provide outdoor adventures for beginners, young, old, impaired and folks with disability. These 3 trips are designed with you, personally, in mind. From kayaking on Styggevatnet to walking on glaciers and getting wet white-water rafting.
If you ask us if this is possible for you, we already know the answer – it is your desire that drives activity.


“There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you should not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee.

We have available to us seats designed by “MakingTrax” in New Zealand. These provide core/hip stability for folks with leg paralysis, meaning we are able to kayak and raft in comfort and safety. The seats have belts to strap in and easy to find & use release buckles.

For those with upper-body disability we have a paddle pivot from the American Canoe Association which supports the paddle and means we can paddle with one arm. The use of wrist supports and tape mean comfortable paddling and easy release from the paddle.

We have taken blind folks on the glacier and also white-water rafting; A group of 6 all in wheelchairs to the front of the Austdalsbreen glacier by motorboat for snow filled fun; paralysed folks kayaking over Styggevatnet and “seal launching” from the snow covered hillside into the lake.