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It felt like Patagonia

Great kayak adventure to the glacier, with a lot of beautiful views! Felt like Patagonia :) Well organized, with a good guide and modern equipment. The guide perfectly adapted the speed and difficulty to suit everyone's needs.

– Jakub Kaleta | Google Reviews
I totally recommend it!

Really nice experience with this amazing trip that combines kayaking and hiking in the glacier. Guides are super cool and explain everything very well and the landscape and views are unique. I totally recommend it.

– Daniel Elías | Google Reviews
Five stars is not enough!

We had a wonderful rafting experience with Ollie and Jack of ELVEPURKA. The weather was great, the river was great and the guides were great. Five stars is actually not enough for the guiding and service we have got this day.

– Eric van Meel | Google Review
Amazing experience!

The whole trip was wonderful! The guides were very nice and professional, and the tour was exciting and safe at the same time. One of our best experiences in Norway!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❄️❄️❄️❄️

– Emilia R. | Trip Advisor
Wonderful experience, amazing landscapes and professional guides!

We did both the Glacier tour with Kayaking and the river rafting Two days in a row, with two kids of age 5 and 8. Both trips were great experiences and plenty of fun! The guides were very experienced, with lots of knowledge of the Glacier / river, and big focus on safety, which was especially important to us with the kids. They were very good at making the trip interesting an fun for both the kids and the adults , and adapted the level so they it worked for everyone in the group. The guides were also very nice and friendly, which made the day even better!

– Marianne B. | TripAdvisor
Fantastic trip!!

Our guides knew what they were talking about. Exciting, wonderful and nice to have an active day on the Nigard glacier. Spectacular views, long walk up on the glacier which was perfect! Not for small kids, but youths and adults any age is doable:) Kalle and Lizzie (Lisa?) were superb guides! Enjoyed everything about this trip!

– Natalia Soto | TripAdvisor

A lovely present for outdoor fans!

Give them an experience they'll remember!


Icetroll offers glacier tours, combined with a kayaking or motorboat trip across the lake in front of the glacier. The trips are tailored to suit all ages and abilities, from family glacier walks to adventurous ice climbing trips.

We also offer white water rafting down the Glacier River, which ranges from a gentle, scenic, family trip for young children to heavy Class IV white water adventure for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the glacial experience.

The Icetroll team specialises in anything ice and all things…troll! Our tours take you to wilderness areas, providing you with a chance to try a new activity, learn about this wild nature, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!