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Kayaking & Glacier Walking on lake Nigardsbrevatnet, Jostedal

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Adult (19+ years)
Child (14-18 years)
Young Child (7-13 years) Contact Us


Icetroll starts the season here on Nigardsbrevatnet (lake) in Jostedal on May 4. The lake sits in front of the glacier, separated by about 500 metres.

The tour begins with a short kayak trip of 30 minutes over this idyllic lake, providing perfect photo opportunities and a chance to try kayaking in Norway in perfect surroundings.

Once we are on the other side, we have a short hike to the ice. On the walk up to the glacier, the guide will explain glaciers, how they work, where they have been and local history. Once at the glacier, we put on the crampons and rope for the glacier walk and spend two to three hours exploring the glacier at our leisure.

This kayak and glacier hike tour is perfect for children/families who visit in May until we begin tours on Styggevatnet in July. Then you have an option to take the Motorboat & Glacier Tour on Styggevatnet.

Can’t wait to see the glaciers? We thought so. Book this glacier tour today!