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Adult (19+ years)


We begin on Tunsbergdalsvatnet around June 11 and take tours here until Styggevatnet is ready for kayak paddling (usually around July 15 each year; this year was June 15!). The lake sits 1,000m below forest-clad mountains, which surround both lake and glacier, making for some of the best and most scenic kayaking in Norway!

After kayaking to the lake’s end, we continue by foot alongside the Glacier River, which flows through a narrow, spectacular gorge. This leads us to Tunsbergdalsbreen (glacier), the longest valley glacier in Norway.

We enjoy lunch in this totally isolated area before exploring the glacier, walking in crevasses and around meltwater holes, before finally turning for home.

This tour has the most variety and solitude you could imagine in just one day, an experience you will remember forever.