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Icetroll works with anything H²0. Water, Ice, Snow. Our crossover between the mountains, lakes, and rivers here in Norway means we can secure locations like no other company. If you require help finding the perfect location in the fjords, mountains or rivers of Norway, or help with safety in these places, we can help.

Icetroll works with film and advertising companies to create movies, documentaries and still/moving adverts. With our local knowledge and contacts, we provide the perfect location for the project at hand. As water, snow, and ice are no barrier, we can get your crew into special beautiful areas safely and quickly.

On Styggevatnet, we have provided access for documentary footage to BBC for the “Antarctica – Ice, Life & People” on their Christmas Lectures, 2004. Icetroll also worked with BBC early in 2011 on another documentary “The Secrets Of Ice,” providing access and safety for the film crew around pinnacles of ice and into caves and crevasses.

Icetroll worked as river safety managers on the most prominent Norwegian film, “Vilmark.” This scene featured the crossing of a river (grade 4+) with actors (safely!) traversing a log placed over the river.

Globetrotter, a German outdoor equipment supplier, has had two brochure shoots here in Jostedalen with Icetroll. In 2007, Globetrotter also shot the final of their Fjord Trophy, a national competition for pairs of competitors from 10 regions of Germany. The winning 20 people joined 20 journalists for one week in Norway, with three days spent in Jostedal testing Land Rover 4X4s, kayaking and glacier hiking.

In 2011, Strix TV produced one episode of a reality TV show in Jostedalen, “Til Toppen of Norge” (To the top of Norway), rafting with Riverpig on the Jostedalen River for three days.

In 2013, the Norwegian programme “71 degrees North” brought a celebrity show to Jostedal, shooting the show over the path of our 2-Day Tour.

Japanese TV has been here twice, filming “Bullet Travel” with two celebrities taking 24 hours in Norway and getting as far as Jostedalen! Another visit in 2014 was for a documentary about glaciers and fjords.

Late in 2013 (November), the huge American cable TV show “Dual Survivor” shot an episode here with help from Icetroll, during which the two stars of the show had to escape from a moulin (water hole on a glacier) and return to civilisation.

In 2020 Icetroll took VG (Norwegian news) on a tour featuring the glaciers of Jostedalen – as an advertisement of options for Norwegian travellers in the first corona year.

In 2021 Icetroll fixed location and security along with Storm for a Norwegian Celebrity show, featuring in spring 2022.