Snow Shoe & Glacier - Styggevatnet
ICETROLL offer tours on 3 glacier lakes. You can choose your trip depending on the time of year (month) you are here. In June 2015 we will be offer a Snow Shoe Tour over the frozen Styggevatnet (lake). This trip is the best chance we have to get up to the Plateau Glacier Jostedalsbreen and into true alpine territory.

In addition to this tours we also offer ICE-CLIMBING through the whole season, a MOTORBOAT & GLACIER tour on Styggevatnet (from July) and before that time we will offer an amazing SNOW SHOE trip on Styggevatnet in May and June. We also offer RAFTING down the Jostedalen Glacier River from June to early September.
All trips are tailored to beginners as well as the adventurous ICETROLLs out there.
Walk into Alpine wilderness
We begin the tour with a 2 hour walk over to to Austdalsbreen (Glacier), altering course to find ice-bergs stranded up on the hillside from the winter and then up to the glacier front. We can have lunch right in front of the glacier, enjoying the chaos of a calving glacier in front of us. We can pick our way through the huge blocks of ice that will soon become floating ice-bergs in summer.

After lunch we can enjoy a weaving walk around the crevasses over the top of the glacier front, down the other side of the glacier and finally, after another break to enjoy the view, back home across the lake

We have designed this tour for folks that are active and interested in walking for the day (at a leisurely pace, of course, in true Icetroll style). If you are at all interested, please get in touch and we can talk it over :-)

Come meet the SnowTrolls, then have your comments here afterwards!
We need your comments about this trip here, it will cost you 6 hours in snowy nature
SnowTroll, Austdalsbreen
DemandingTroll, Rundeggi

What's next?

Some other details
This info is on the downloadable "INFO SHEET" for each tour

Where to meet: The Breheimsenter, Jostedal, on road 604.

Bus Info: If you are on public transport (bus) we can wait for the Glacier Bus to arrive, but recommend you stay in Jostedal after the tour, so we don't rush for the bus that leaves Jostedal in the evening! You need to tell us you are on a bus if you want us to wait ;-)

What to bring: Food & drink, camera, warm clothing (incl. rain jacket, warm hat and gloves). Good walking shoes are a must (or ask us if you don't have :-)

What we provide: All snow shoes and glacier hiking equipment

Accommodation: In Jostedal we have 2 options, the Jostedal Hotel and Jostedal Camping. Contact info found on the INFO SHEET. In Hafslo is 'Hafslotun', a hytte/cabin park. In Gaupne there is the 'Gaupne Hotel' and also 'Sandvik Camping'

Where to meet
Andy & Matias