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A thrilling white-water glacier rafting trip in Jostedal!

Quick Details

Adult (18+ years)


By choosing the BOSS HOG section you will be enjoying 2x as much white-water as the ELVEPURKA trip. We price the trips hoping to encourage you onto this tour, as the guides love it more than anyone. It is not always possible through the whole season, due to river levels, but if it is available, it is a must

By the time we begin the BOSS HOG section of the river, you have already completed the LITTLE PIGGIES and ELVEPURKA sections, so all that is left is the best/biggest white-water section.

We take the rafts out of the river after the ELVEPURKA section and drive further down the river to the village of Myklemyr. Back in the river and right into the BOSS HOG white water. More technical waves for you to negotiate and the last wave is the biggest – the Riverpig bites hardest here! Something to look forward to??

After the waves are behind us, we can have a final jump off a boulder in the middle of the river followed by a hot chocolate to sooth the shakes. It is then back to base in Jostedal for a shower and a good laugh at the photos/videos.

There is a four-person minimum for this trip. If you are two people, we can include you on trips with others, of course.