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Icetroll Guides for this year, in order of beauty: Andy, Eva, Lizzie, Anna, Eivind, Sam, Laurits, Jack, Finn, Skux!
We also offer rafting down the Jostedalen Glacier River from late May to mid-late September. That is the field of water-rats Sam, Lizzie & Skux.

ICETROLL - The Guides

This year, Icetroll has half of the guides returning from last season. Andy (NZ) and Lizzie (from some island off the European west coast) run Icetroll and Riverpig respectively. Nick/Skux is returning along with Sam! Finn also returns after spending his first season with us baking desserts every night. Eivind also returns to attempt to show us his handsome side, having failed so badly last season. New guides for this year are Laurits (DK), Jack (UK, Scotland, same thing) and there is perhaps one mystery guide to add.

Of all the folks working in Icetroll, none are proficient at office duties, so don’t expect email replies within minutes, or for your booking to be efficient. What you can expect is when we do finally reply to your enquiry, that you are talking to a guide who knows all the trips and all your options. And once we are away on our trip, you have outdoor lovers with you that want to make this a day for you.

We have small groups and take you to places no one else goes, that is what we want as guides, to escape into the wild as much as you do on your Norwegian adventure!

RIVERPIG - The Guides

This year, Riverpig will be welcoming back Sam and Lizzie (UK) and Nick from NZ. They will be joined in high season by Laurits (DK) who will show us he has a range of skills/flips/swims that will take on the ElvePurka (RiverPig) each day.

Sam returns from his summer rafting in NZ. If you are are not sure about swimming in glacial water, don’t try bluffing the man who calls every bluff…Well, except when Lizzie (the boss) is around.

Nick (Skux – an ironic name) will again be trying to get his Kiwi accent past the Norwegian border control, returning after helping us in one of our first seasons on the river, back in 2010. He spent more time underwater than above it then, let’s see if anything has changed!

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